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Nancy L. Kazdan, Founder & CEO, Market Share International

Marketing & Distribution Strategies

Market Share International works with institutional and wealth management clients to strategically raise assets. We help you segment specific investors and differentiate you from competitors, beyond performance numbers. Whether you are in traditional or alternative investments, we help you develop measurable marketing and distribution strategies.

Sales Coaching
& Training

Successful selling means building superior relationships. Through individual coaching and group training, we help our clients communicate their differentiated value proposition to targeted investor segments. They learn how to create and refine storytelling, presentation, and behaviors, to attract more sales and win business.

Customizable Sales Tools & Systems

Both new and seasoned investment professionals learn to raise more assets through our proven, proprietary institutional and wealth management sales system. Our customizable process enables clients to examine, benchmark and automate individual and group performance metrics.

Industry Leadership

As Founder and CEO, Nancy L. Kazdan established Market Share International in the Asia Pacific Region and the United States. Nancy brings clients two decades of industry leadership, institutional and retail investment experience and a compelling track record of strategic and tactical behavioral marketing.
Her results driven, sustainable, cost effective behavioral marketing, distribution and sales strategies and systems provide investment professionals with the skills and techniques to communicate with investors more successfully and raise Assets Under Management (AUM) more rapidly.
Nancy’s firm is sought out for advice and consulting exclusively with investment managers through all aspects of product development, marketing strategy, brand evaluation and selective distribution including institutional and mutual fund asset raising.
Nancy is widely regarded by her clients as the leader in advising, coaching and training asset managers in strategic marketing skills and conversational selling techniques, helping them dissect and improve every aspect of their verbal, electronic and written communication with investors leading to successful asset raising.

Purposeful Client Relationships

Measurable results: Market Share International results are all about strengthening the sales, marketing and executive team to understand their differentiation in the competitive investment landscape.
Superior communication: Behavioral communication is at the pinnacle of everything we do to optimize our clients success. Listening and asking the right questions form the foundation of every interaction.
Investment industry knowledge: Insight, perspectives and contacts we bring to each relationship enables us to understand all sides of the marketing and distribution channel requirements to raise Assets Under Management.
Clients are unique: We customize our services for each-and-every client according to their unique needs, perceptions and requirements. Then Issues are identified and projects completed according to our clients goals and objectives.
Cost efficient resources: Client value is determined by our ability to form flexible partnerships. This means we work with in-house teams or as outside marketing and sales resources. We minimize and risk manage resources to make sure services are not duplicated.

How can you benefit from working with Market Share International?

Acquiring investors is the single most important determinant, after performance, to successfully running an investment management business.
Market Share International provides investment management organizations with the expertise gained over two decades of measurable asset raising results in developed and emerging markets. Market Share International is one of the most experienced global alternative retail and institutional strategic and tactical marketing, distribution and sales consultancies.
Specializing in the competitive and complex institutional and retail financial services sector, we successfully implement and manage a diversity of client projects with traditional and alternative investment managers to increase Assets Under Management (AUM).
The amount of dollars Deutsche Asset Management AUM Increased in 6 months.
The percentage Russel Investment Group increased AUM over the stretch target.
The amount of dollars IXIS Asset Management increased Fixed Income product sales.

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